16 January 2011

The rise of the casaNEVER

Top knots, leather bloomers and pleated grandma skirts aside; we’re not the only ones offending the opposite sex with our Man Repelling sartorial choices. The fashion industry is backing another repelling uprising- the new age man of style (otherwise known as the surgency of pussy deflectors)

Staring in the face of virginity- Peter Pan and a very Lost Boy come bearing the style from NevereverlandHair, styled by a particularly inept fax machine

It appears as if a band of hobbits from the depths of Middle Earth have hijacked the mens fashion industry and created the new age man of style as resembling the hypothetical love child of Bilbo Baggins and Quasimodo.

Burberry is a never-ending faucet of 'WTF do you call THAT?'

Ronald McDonald du Jour

Although these vulva thwarting looks may score major thumbs up from the listhping fashion queens of Paree...

... As a female I find it hard to whip up an interest in men who look more like they're going to steal my purse and sodomise my cat, than take me on a hot date.

So the moral of the story to fashionistos is ::: if pussy propellin’ is the name of your game, CLOSE your Feb edition of VogueHomme now and walk quickly past Burberry- to salvage your fast depleting muffin magic …

There goes my lady boner ….

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