27 May 2010

experiment [in newtown].

And even if your experiment is an epic fail, "failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently" - Mr Ford

With this in mind, Anna-Lou, Tina and I spent last Saturday afternoon at our local Newtown Launderette to experiment with a few vintage dresses.

A few weeks ago my dear grandma gave me some of her dresses from the seventies. While beautiful in their original condition, I was nervous they had potential to conjure images of librarians and housewives and result in too much attention from passers-by.

Thank you Anna Lou for pointing out this beautiful shot. Newtown's old buildings provide the most amazing backdrop for the afternoon sun.

A couple of nights later, in a spurt of spontaneity I decided to experiment with a dress, sans professional tailor. I ripped half a metre off the bottom, threw it on and ran out the door. I hope the Newtown Launderette experiment was as successful as my spontaneous one.

23 May 2010

being the highest bidder [in alexandria].

Do you need a new cover for your sewing machine? Hows about a few dozen headless mannequins, or do you feel a burnng desire to own a rusty bicycle, used by the Bennelong posty in the 1930's? Mitchell Road Auction Centre is like a hit of adrenalin for every vintage loving, bicycle riding, junk hoarding bargain hunter.

Once you go there you will no longer be able to comprehend how you lived your life without a piano stool.

It's the nature of the auction... and dangerous for compulsive shoppers...

Located on Mitchell Road between Alexandria and Erskineville, this warehouse holds a treasure of goodies ranging from antique mirrors and homewares, cabinets and tables, art and suitcases, to some really weird and eerie shit - like fluffy stuffed animal shaped rocking horses and plastic faceless mannequins, all selling as cheap as $1.

Mitchell Road is home to Australia's biggest bicycle auction - where decent bikes are auctioned for as little as $20. This auction takes place every Saturday at 13:30but it's good to get in before to check out the bikes and decide which one's you want to bid on.

At the end of the auction I came out with my first choice - a stunning little silver vintage bike decked with a basket on the back. so cute, and only $160. Now I just have to build up some courage to take it out on Sydney roads...

I also came out with two magazine racks ($3 each) and a vintage doctor's medicine bag for $15 (one of life's greatest necessities.)

17 May 2010

close to home [in chippendale].


Do you see the bicycle?