08 March 2011

dating one-oh-one (uno)

As internationally acclaimed, jetsetting bloggers, you may think we're amply gifted with the skills of la seduce

For all those under this impression: you are 100% right.

And for those who don't believe us, what more evidence do you need than this?

So as a gesture of charity to the scores of fans who look to us for guidance and advice, we've collated the ultimate dating how-to, to help you stop repelling.. and start propelling!

Please note, our wealth of knowledge on this subject matter has required us to divide the learning into three fun-filled segments.

Your first lesson of the day is to...

1. Get yourself a statement piece.

What better way to make an entrance than by arming yourself with a trademark accessory. After all,the more you resemble a mental patient, the better.

Should you, like us, wish to subscribe to this theory, we nominate the following four as the leaders of our tribe.

Catherine Baba and her turbanLinkAnna Piaggi and her mental patient avant-garde chic

Babar the elephant and his gold crown (whose look was copied by Kate Waterhouse in a previous post)

Peter Rabbit wears his little blue jacket for a thumping good time.

And in saving the best for last, behold: Iris Apfel - also known as our favourite person in the whole wide world.

She is killing it harder than anyone else attempting to adopt black-rimmed spectacles as their trademark, because hers are the biggest and roundest of them all, and because of this, she wins at life.

Iris's mantra - that "as long as you get a rise out of somebody, and you get a response, then you've done something positive" is like oxygen to our veins.

In case you're wondering about how we adopt this strategy, you may remember a phase in which we took preference in wearing a turban.

Fun though it was, its prevalence amongst Sydney's fashion set led us even further from these roots.

With Iris's mantra in mind, this is a look bound to make an impact on our next encounter with a man friend.

While most certainly ensuring a rise and response from our man-dates, it may just not be rise or response we were after.