18 July 2010

Leaving the nest

Like the Blue Crested Chickadee of America's Rocky Mountains, the Sydneysider, once weened from the city's bountiful tit, will venture from the nest to explore greener pastures.

The natural urge for the Sydneysider will be to explore the country's other major city: Babysydney, otherwise known as Melbourne.

The Sydneysider is often drawn to Melbourne's Babysydney's infamous abundancy of culture and art.

This is evident during a stroll down a typical Babysydney laneway.

It was teeming with art and life.

Sydneysiders will seek a resting place in one of Babysydney's thriving cultural precincts.

Home to the likes of Flaubert, Klimt and Guy Sebastian

The Sydneysider bears the indistinguishable markings of the larger, and thus much greaterbeautifulabsolutelyfuckingfabulous city of Sydney, and will thus attempt anonyminity with a facial disguise.

Do we look like Melbournians Babysydneans now?

Only the strongest Sydneysiders will be able carry off the facial disguise. Others must seek anonymity with a sartorial disguise. Babysydney is the style capital, afterall.
Brunswick Street Babysurryhills hosted all our sartorial desires

These are perfect

Come hither Scott Schuman

I feel so awesome in this jumper

But the markings of the Sydneysider will always be detected by the trained Melbournian Babysydnean eye.

"What a SCOOP!"

The meek Sydneysider will attempt a hasty escape.

But will often find obstacles in tram systems.

The exploration of Babysydney can sometimes leave the Sydneysider with feelings of dissatisfaction, and rage.

Babysydney gave her a bad taste. However, she highly enjoyed the benefits of her Babysydney sartorial choices. That is, dressing as the lovechild of a troll and a smurf.

But irrelevent to this, Babysydney will always be known and loved for its fine wine:



And street art.

*glistening tear* This is profound

The Sydneysider feels a natural compulsion to gain street-cred

But what does it mean?

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  1. What an accurate portrayal of poor little Melbourne :)