14 August 2010

Robogeisha to the rescue!

Sydneysider 1: "It's 13 degrees outside ..."

Sydneysider 2: "It's 13 degrees outside!"

Sydneysider 1: "It's 13 fudging degrees outside!!"

Together: "WHAT DO WE DO?!!!"

This is the typical winter dialogue for most Sydneysiders when the mercury deviates from our usual temperate perfection.

But in our attempts to replace our usual weekend muntfest with some hearty indoor goodness; we came across one of the greatest cinematic treasures of all time: Robogeisha!

The story is about Yoshie, who is the beautiful sister to the geisha Kikuyakko. Together they are recruited by the handsome Hikaru to help overthrow the corrupt Japanese government, agreeing to become cyborgs in his geisha army!

Geisha is beautiful

Geisha is wild

Geisha is ... ROBOT!

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